Weather radios can alert you when severe weather strikes

While the Action News 5 Storm Team warns you about tornados, sometimes severe weather strikes when the power is out or when you're asleep.

That's why you need to have a NOAA weather radio in your home.

Meterologists at the National Weather Service monitor weather systems as they approach our area.

When they see rotation in a storm, a tornado warning is issued.

The National Weather Service issued the warning to Dumas residents 13 minutes before the storm hit.

When they're off duty, and severe weather is in the area, they rely on loud beep of the NOAA weather radio to keep them safe.

"When I'm off work That's my insurance policy that I'm alerted to weather dangers like tornadoes when I'm asleep and my family's asleep," says National Weather Service Meterologist, Rich Okulski.

The NOAA weather radio can now be programmed to alert you only when a watch,or warning is issued in your county.

And, they're working to improve the technology to alert you only when the system could affect you.

The Pinpoint 5 Storm Team and Kroger want to protect your family during Severe Weather.

Starting on Wednesday, Midland weather radios will be for sale at reduced price at your area Kroger Stores.

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