Politicians say they didn't know about MLGW "list"

The MLGW list of politicians with perks is creating even more fallout. It is a list of more than a dozen elected officials who could be notified if their utilities were going to be cut off.

It is a list that most politicians didn't even know they were on.

Memphis City Council member Jack Sammons, who didn't know he is on the list, says he is outraged and wants Mayor Willie Herenton to get to the bottom of it.

"He's the elected leader in this community and we expect him to take some kind of action," says Sammons.

The Mayor is an elected leader who is not talking. We went to his office and the receptionist sent out his spokesperson.

We asked if we could talk with the Mayor later in the day. She said he was not commenting.

Former City Council member John Vergos is also on the list.

"Not only should there not be a list, they don't keep it current. They put it together and they're stupid how they operate it," says Vergos.

Vergos left the Council in 2003. He has no idea how he got on the list. Mayor Willie Herenton is also on that list.

The big question is who made the list. The current president of MLGW, Joseph Lee, said he didn't do it.

Lee was not head of MLGW when John Vergos was a City Council member.

Herman Morris, who Lee replaced, has said he didn't know about the list.

Larry Papasan, predecessor to Morris, said the utility did not have third party notification when he was president. He said the utility also had more strict cut off policies.

City Council member Edmund Ford, who is being investigated by the FBI, is thousands of dollars behind on his utility bill and is also on the list.

Ford was unavailable for comment.