No ruling from appeals court on fate of Smith's corpse

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - The hearing is over, but there's no word on when a Florida appeals court might rule on a request by Anna Nicole Smith's mother.

Virgie Arthur wants to bury her daughter in Texas. So she's trying to overturn a lower court decision giving control of the body to the guardian of Smith's baby daughter. He favors a burial in the Bahamas.

The appeals court asked how the guardian could know that's what Smith wanted. But at the same time, two of the judges say Smith's purchase of plots in the Bahamas shows her desire to be buried there.

Meanwhile, a ruling is expected today from another Florida court on a separate issue. Larry Birkhead, one of the men claiming to be the baby's father, wants the court to enforce a California judge's orders so he can get DNA samples from Smith's body and from the baby.

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