Bolivar Fire Detroys Businesses and Historic Buildings

Lisa Hodge could do little but stand back and watch as her business on Bolivar's court square burned, "I didn't know what to do. I'm just kind of in shock."

Hodge owned Joe's Restaurant, one of several businesses destroyed and a town favorite.

In-fact, Hodge loved it so much she bought it, "I worked up here for seven years. I owned it for two years, worked her for five years as a waitress."

Hodge's loyal customers, like Darrell Griggs, are already wondering where they'll go now, "It's going to mean a whole lot because everybody goes there, everyday seven days a week to eat lunch and dinner everytime."

Not only is Darrell Griggs a fan of the restaurant, he's a lifelong Bolivar resident, "It's, it's devastating right now."

Griggs is one of the many here who watched part of their history burn, "That used to be the Bank of Bolivar. I used to cash my check in that bank."

The fire dealt another blow to Bolivar. These buildings were part of four million dollar planned renovation of the court square area.

A project that building owner, Jack Belet, sasy will be delayed but we're told will still happen, "I think we'll get everybody behind this program and we'll rebuild, revitalize and restore the downtown."

A sentiment echoed by Lisa Hodge, "I just want to thank all my customers for the support they gave me and I should be back in business as soon as I can."

That's the kind of spirit that keeps this town going, even during the tough times.