YOUR TURN: Mrs. James Neel says she's no longer "giving" through MLGW

This edition of "Your Turn" goes to Mrs. James Neel.

Mrs. Neel is just one of the many people who have written to complain about MLGW, the Memphis city utility company.

Here's her letter:

I have had an extra dollar added to my utility bill each month for many years thinking that I was in some small way helping those unable to pay. What a farce!  I will no longer do that. To think that I have been contributing to the welfare of such deadbeats as the people who have been deliberately cheating our city by not paying their utility bill is infuriating.

Mrs. Neel may be wrong about her idea that her donation went to help any deadbeats, but there's no denying the way that this issue has made her feel about MLGW.

That's Mrs. James Neel's turn. Now it's your turn.

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