FBI informant's work available on Netflix

Street Life movie poster
Street Life movie poster

FBI informant Tim Willis is available for download.  Well, not him, but his work.

His indie film titled "Street Life," shot during the height of the Tennessee Waltz sting and, in many instances, using many of the same locations, should be available for rent at Netflix or for purchase from York Entertainment on March 6th, according to an email from Willis.

Below is the synopsis from York Entertainment:

Title: Street Life
Director: Timothy Willis
Cast: Christopher Anderson, D' Army Bailey, Cherina Black, Christy Hamilton

Synopsis: Desperation permeates the slums of Memphis, where survival is a day -to-day game. One group of would-be thugs decides that the only way out is to hijack semi trucks full of expensive electronics, then split their treasure amongst themselves and those less fortunate around them. When they're leader entrusts his newly found riches with a crooked banker he soon finds that it's HE who's been robbed, and will stop at nothing to redeem his fortune.Can he plan one last heist to prevail as a hero to the downtrodden before the law puts an end to his Street Life for good?

Genre: Action
Year Produced: 2006
Language: English
Running Time: approx. 72