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West Memphis police looking for missing grandmother

A Mid-South grandmother has disappeared without a trace and her family is hoping you have the clue that will help them find her.

Myrtle Uvyonne Koeller, who goes by the name Uyvonne, is missing without a single clue that can help police find her.

Her family is begging for help.

Tonya Serda's life has turned upside down.

"I don't think I've slept probably four hours in the last four or five days," says Serda.

Serda says she knew something was wrong when her 64-year-old mother didn't come home after dark Thursday.

Serda adds, "she was frail, she was a petite woman. She didn't like to be out in the cold and she left not knowing that this was going to happen. She just has a jacket."

Koeller's disappearance has West Memphis Police investigators perplexed.

"If she went shopping somewhere and something healthwise went wrong, you would have thought someone would have spotted her vehicle," says West Memphis Assistant Police Chief, Mike Allen.

Since her minivan was last seen in her Clement Road driveway Thursday morning, no money has been taken out of her account, her cell phone goes straight to voicemail and she needs her medicine.

"She does take daily blood pressure medicine and she hasn't taken that since Thursday morning," says Serda.

Police need just one clue to start a search.

"We need a lead somewhere. If it's just the vehicle, it's someplace for the police to start," adds Serda. "It's just getting the community to help us. It's gonna take everyone to help find her."

Both Serda and police are hoping you will become their eyes.

Serda has hope her mother is alive and well, but says as every day passes, the hope fades.

Serda says her mother liked to shop at Oak Court Mall in Memphis. She also liked shopping in Southaven.

Police haven't found her minivan in either area.

She was last seen Thursday morning driving her 2006 Gold Chrysler Town & Country minivan.

The van has Arkansas plates 534- KBD.

If you have seen her call the West Memphis Police Department.

If you can help with this investigation, call West Memphis Police at (870) 732-7555.

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