Raw video: Joseph Lee talks to the people

Saying little, but responding to a growing gathering of news cameras outside the downtown headquarters of the MLGW administration building, Joseph Lee descended to meet with aggravated ratepayers threatening a protest.

The group of MLGW customers are starting small but they hope as the days go by more people will join them in a boycott against the utility.

Protestors spent the morning outside the downtown payment office marching and talking to customers who came here angry about their bills.

They are encouraging the people of Memphis to fight the rising cost of utilities and to challenge MLGW's meter reading and billing processes.

There were only a handful of people out here but they're hoping that as each days goes by this group will grow.

"We made a few phone calls and shared it with a few people at the different radio stations and just some family members but we plan to go city wide, worldwide if necessary to see that the people in Memphis are able to get some justice," said ratepayer Vera Redwing Lewis.

Organizers say they are being robbed and they want to know why the city's elderly, the handicapped and those on fixed incomes aren't on the utility's so called on the VIP list.

Lee apologized for the individual problems that had brought the few sign-bearing ratepayers to the utility's doorstep and repeated what has apparently become a mantra about MLGW's commitment to providing "the best" services to its customers.

Lee also allowed reporters to ask questions about his recent un-accepted resignation and the burgeoning scandal about City Councilman Edmund Ford's long accumulated and unpaid utility bills, but he failed to offer any substantial answers, refusing to address the comments "made by other individuals."

You can watch the raw video of his interaction with ratepayers and his interview with reporters by clicking on the video links above!

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