Update: Man dies after incident with Millington Police

Chopper 5: Crime scene at 745-CASH
Chopper 5: Crime scene at 745-CASH

Three Millington police officers were injured this afternoon.

One of them has a broken leg or knee cap.

The man they were fighting was transported from the scene unresponsive and pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Some witnesses say the officers beat him after he was subdued on the ground.

This all happened between 1:30 and 2:00 this afternoon. Police responded after they say a suspect got belligerent with employees of 745-CASH, a check-cashing business, located at 8523 Highway 51.

We're told he had visited the business earlier in the day as well.

Police say he resisted arrest before they sprayed him with pepper spray.

The officers were injured during the scuffle, an exchange one witness says went way too far.

"it seemed like everytime the guy's legs would twitch, they would kick him and beat him again--and they continued to beat this guy for a long time," said the witness who didn't want to share his name.

He and others say they plan to file complaints with the Millington Police Department.

They were afraid to show their faces out of fear of retaliation. Chief Rick Jewell tells us the investigation continues, but he says other witnesses claim the cops were defending themselves.

Meanwhile, the business is closed and police have packed up.

Because the suspect died, the officers will be suspended with pay pending an investigation.