Mayoral hopeful Herman Morris responds to Herenton attack

Herman Morris
Herman Morris

The Memphis Mayor called him a boy on a local radio show.

Now, mayoral candidate Herman Morris responds to Willie Herenton's attack.

Two days after former MLGW president Herman Morris announced his bid to become Memphis' next mayor, the current mayor went on the offense.

On WDIA's morning radio show Mayor Willie Herenton took the first jab in the fight for city hall.

"I want the world to know there's a man up in here in city hall. If they're looking for a boy, they identified one in Herman Morris, but he ain't going to enter this gate," Herenton said.

Morris remarked, "I don't respond to that. I mean its not important what your called its what you're answered to and what I most times answer to is Herman.

It's a crowded field for Memphis Mayor- City Council member Carol Chumney, former Shelby County Commissioner John Willingham, Memphis Optometrist Mark Roudebush and Herman Morris-have all jumped in the race to unseat Willie Herenton.

But, the incumbent only mentioned his former appointee to MLGW, a person he replaced with Joseph Lee years later.

"I think the voters want to hear us talk about the issues of critical concern," Morris said.

Morris says he wants to keep his campaign positive and above the fray, but we pressed several times about the Mayor's personal jab.

We asked Morris if he should respond if someone attacks his image. Morris says that his character, image, commitment and willingness is open for discussion and debate

Herman Morris would not say anything negative about Mayor Herenton. He says he looks forward to the campaign and debating the issues.


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