Dramatic surveillance video shows Georgia tornado

Hospital surveillance video captured the tornado in Americas, Georgia last week as it approached.  The dramatic video shows power lines arching, and eventually wind, rain, and debris rushing past cameras inside hospital hallways.

"The building was shaking and everything was rattling everything in the room. And I just prayed man," said Michael Coley, who was inside the hospital when the tornado hit.  "I called on the Lord and god kept us and protected us."

Coley protected his family as the storm rushed into his daughter Yolanda's room.

"We kind of hovered over each other in the corner, as you can see where the bathroom was. That's the only thing that protected us was the corner there, because everything in that room started, I mean the window, glass and everything was flying," Coley said.

Much of the hospital staff is now sifting through the debris, trying to salvage what they can of the equipment and supplies. It's a hard task, especially when what were familiar hallways just days ago, now seem so foreign.

To see the dramatic video, click the link on this page.