COPY-Police Call Off Search for Missing Child

Still no signs of Christopher Barrios, Jr. The 6-year-old boy from Brunswick hasn't been seen since Thursday afternoon.

Police and volunteers have been looking for him for the past several days. They're now calling off the search in the neighborhood, much to the dismay of Christopher's family.

His aunt, Julie Haymans, said Christopher's father's energy is depleted, he's devastated, and depressed.

"The father is very frustrated not being able to locate or find any clues as to where Christopher may have been," said Haymans.

Nearly 300 searchers devoted their time and energy to the massive manhunt throughout the neighborhood and wooded areas, but came up with little.

"We're satisfied right now that anything that could've been done has been done," said Glynn County Police Department Chief Matt Doering.

"It's been an exhausting three days especially for everybody that was walking the woods, using the four wheelers and on horseback," said Haymans.

After having the police stationed in the neighborhood for nearly two days, Haymans said not having them around any more is hitting the family hard.

"You feel hopeless. Very empty like a stomach ache," said Haymans. "I think calling off the search was like everyone had given up and that was what upset them the most."

But not everyone gave up. Dedicated searchers returned today to continue hunting for the missing boy.

"We know the officers did all they could do, but being a civilian of the community you're thinking he's out there somewhere still," said searcher Amy Embery.

And the family appreciates every effort made toward finding their child.

"It's like you have five fingers and one of them gets chopped off, Christopher is my fifth finger and until he comes back I have four," said grandmother Sue Rodriguez.

Police are concentrating their investigation in areas outside of the neighborhood but are not canceling out any possible options.

Christopher Barrios, Jr., was last seen wearing a blue-green pullover sweater with black pants and white Reebok tennis shoes.

A $27,000 dollar reward is being offered for his safe return. Police are calling this an abduction but haven't issued an Amber Alert because they have no vehicle description.

If you have any information about what happened to him, call police.

Reported by:  David Hall,