Edmund Ford current on home utilities, but businesses face shutoff

Edmund Ford must pay up or his power will be turned off. The MLGW board gave Ford two weeks to come up with the money.

Today, the MLGW board went through Edmund Ford's bill history.

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In response to the controversy surrounding a preferential treatment list at MLGW, the utility conducted an internal audit of how they have been managing their accounts.

That report suggests the utility has not been following its own policies.

An MLGW audit reveals the company has been misusing a customer assistance account since 2003.  It was councilman's Edmund Ford's past due bills that brought attention to the problem.

"Mr. Ford's account along with other elected and appointed officials, MLGW employees and other accounts listed certain MLGW employees and titles to be notified in the event of a cut off," said Lesa Walton with MLGW.

As of March 4th, Ford was current on the utility bill at his home. But two businesses he owns are facing disconnection at the end of the month.

On February 14th, Ford made a $3,000 payment on his mortuary at 3390 Elvis Presley Boulevard.  But it leaves him with a $4,367.00 outstanding balance.

The amount due is more than twice that on a warehouse Ford owns behind the mortuary.

His last payment on February 14th was $1,000 dollars but he still owes $8,952.00 dollars. Ford must pay by March 27th.

"...or services will be disconnected on this account on March 28th," said Walton.

Ford has been disputing the water bill at this warehouse since 2005, but MLGW says his time has run out.

"But we do know what he does owe according to the meter reading and that therefore those accounts are due at the appropriate time," said MLGW General Counsel Odell Horton.

The audit also states that the so called VIP list has been banned and Edmund Ford's political power will no longer enable him to keep the power on, unless he pays his bills.

For now there is no evidence of Mayor Herenton's suspicions of an internal conspiracy to undermine utility president Joseph Lee. But the investigation is still under way. The complete findings are due in on April 19th.


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