Long day of confrontations leaves Joseph Lee "exhausted"

It was a long day at city hall. At times it got heated, it was emotional and afterwards Jospeh Lee said it was exhausting.

"I'm going to ask my lawyer to answer any questions I'm exhausted," he said, moments after he stepped out of council chambers, having spent close to two hours answering questions.

He addressed the council with a statement. "I have not received a promise a benefit, a gift from any council member including Edmund Ford at any time."

But the independent counsel report released Tuesday was critical of the embattled MLGW president saying Lee allowed special treatment of Edmund Ford, even directed it, a clear violation of policy.

"If you don't pay your cable bill they shut your cable off if you don't pay your telephone bill they shut your telephone off they don't say well we'll let it slide two years," shouted an angry E.C. Jones.

Councilman Jones and Lee went back and forth.

"You have a job to do you're making $260-thousand a year. If i had your job i wouldn't jeopardize that."

To which Lee replied, "every time they run a story in the paper they publish how much I make every time they sure do."

"It's public record Mr. Lee it's not a private company," countered Jones.

It went on.

"If you look at the accomplishments that we've achieved I think I've done a damn good job since I've been at MLGW."

Chumney interrupted insisting that, "we're not going to use profanity."

"For people to start believing in MLGW Mr. Lee needs to step down and leave," said Jones.

Carol Chumney says the mayor should reconsider accepting Lee's resignation that he gave to the mayor weeks ago.

In two weeks the City Council will consider a new call for Joseph Lee's resignation.

There may also be new policies introduced from the independent counsel's report.