Council wants Mayor to accept Lee's resignation

Joseph Lee's testimony Tuesday prompted some council members to call for his resignation once again.

Now, the board that oversees the public utility may soon do the same.

MLGW President Joseph Lee slowly lost his cool Tuesday as city council members took shots at his tenure.

"And if you look at the accomplishments we've achieved I think I've done a damn good job since being at MLGW," said Lee.

But the damage done by the political power scandal may be beyond repair.

Rate-payers like Daphne Caldwell have had enough," there is no special treatment for me."

She says Lee should pay the price.

"It's time for some changes to come about in Memphis Tennessee as far as MLGW is concerned," says Caldwell.

Several city council members are calling for the Mayor to reconsider the resignation he refused to accept two weeks ago.

Now, MLGW Commissioner Nick Clark says the board may do the same.

"Our approach is to deal with what's best for the utility and not what is best for Mr. Lee," says Clark.

He says public perception of the utility is at an all-time low and this is one of it's most negative episodes.

"And I think the Board of Commissioners needs to evaluate what needs to take place for the benefit of ultimately restoring public trust and confidence in the utility company," adds Clark.

Some say the utility's "brightest bulb" needs to be "dimmed" in order to do that.

Any call for action by the MLGW board could come as soon as next week.

Meantime, we tried to find out if Mayor Willie Herenton would indeed re-consider Joseph Lee's resignation.

He was unavailable for comment.

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