YOUR TURN: Pastor Conway C. Johnson, Jr. remembers Bishop Patterson

This week's Your Turn segment goes to the hundreds of people who wrote us about their love for Bishop G.E. Patterson.  I can only share one of the letters here, so please click here if you want to read  more of these passionate tributes.

This letter comes from Pastor Conway C. Johnson, Jr.:

For years, I have watched and learned by the teaching of Bishop Patterson.  Even at the age of four years old, I understood and knew who I was and what I was called to be just from watching him. I remember rushing home at an early age just to watch the tapes my grandma had of Bishop Patterson. From his broadcasts, I knew what a true man of God was. My love, prayers and thoughts are with the family as we prepare to celebrate a Father, a mentor, a best friend, a husband and a mighty anointed man of GOD. Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson I will forever miss you, but I will never forget you.

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