Sheriff's Deputies bust up major theft ring in Shelby County

Sheriff's deputies recovered stolen items in McKenzie, Brighton, Millington, Atoka and multiple locations in Shelby County.

This is a big bust for the Tipton County Sheriff's Department and a relief for people who live there.

The thieves not only hit houses but also took things out of cars.

They didn't seem to be looking for any one specific item, just whatever they could take.

It is quite a haul.

Tipton County Sheriff's Departmente recovered thousands of dollars in stolen property. Fancy guitars, amps , X-boxes, four wheelers and copper wiring were among the items recovered.

The merchandise was from as far away as Iowa.

Deputies charged nine people in what they are calling a major theft ring. And there could be more arrests.

"We started filing charges the first part of the week some of the warrants are still being filed and some of those people are still being picked up," says Deputy Chief Donna Turner with Tipton County Sheriff's Department.

Three of the suspects are students at Brighton High School. No one from the school would say if the students have been suspended or expelled.

A tip from someone living in a Tipton County neighborhood led police to suspects who started talking and that led them to other suspects.

Turner says the thefts have been going on for a year. Most of them have happened in an Atoka neighborhood.

"As tight as the security is and many officers and things we have on this road you would think they would look twice. There's a sheriff that lives next door workd for the sheriff's department got won that lives there we've got some thast live around the corner. There jsut picking select houses and hitting them," says neighbor Kim Wilson.

Wilson hopes the Tipton County Sheriff's department has shut down the burglarly ring for good.

At least two of the suspects have previous records. The investigation is not over .

There could be more arrests and more merchandise recovered.


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