Good Samaritan suffers permanent injuries after being hit during attack

Linda Cottrell was trying to help someone off Jackson Avenue and Townes. Despite her permanent injuries, if she had to do it all over again she says she would.

"There are some days I can't do anything, I'll just lie in bed because the pain is so bad," says Cottrel.

Simple things like vacuuming or even walking can be a struggle for Cottrell.

Cottrell adds, "I had a brain injury. My ankle was broke. I can't smell. I can't taste and the cramps I have in my head is real awful."

All of this came when she tried to be a good Samaritan in November 2005.

Linda says she was in the passenger seat and her husband was behind the wheel when she saw a domestic dispute in the middle of road.

Her husband pulled into a parking lot and she got out of her car with 911 on the phone telling them that she saw a fight in the middle of the road.

The last thing she remembers is telling 911 where she was on Jackson by Townes. Then she was hit.

"I heard them say she's gone, she's dead, and I said I'm not dead," says Cottrell.

There were no criminal charges against the person who hit her.

She spent 18 days at the Med racking up nearly $100,000 in medical bills and is now working with an attorney to get the driver's insurance company to help pay.

"I don't regret it whatsoever," says Cottrell.

Even with the permanent injuries, Linda insists she would do it again and encourages others to do the same.

"Get involved because it could be you or your child or something," adds Cottrell.

Linda Cottrell says just by her stopping she helped the woman in the road.

She said she's talked with that woman but has never met her. She hopes to meet her one day.


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