More than $300,000 in cash, guns and cocaine seized in DeSoto County raid

Cocaine, pot, guns and cash are all in the hands of deputies after a major drug bust in DeSoto County.

DeSoto County almost lost its special narcotics unit because of budget cuts in Mississippi. But officials say the raid on one house is proof why its needed now more than ever.

It's in one of the rare still undeveloped parts of DeSoto County.

The house is just feet away from Memphis city limits. Its a rural compound complete with a barn, and chickens. But this is no country farm.

A bounty of cash and drugs worth more than $300,000 was found by narcotics unit while working another investigation.

"This right here was just about to hit the streets and DeSoto County the amount is shocking we don't get this everyday," says Chief Steve Atkinson, with DeSoto County Sheriff's Department.

It's shocking to parent Tewylia Jones who moved her family out of Memphis to the subdivision across from the compound.

She wanted to get away from crime and drugs.

"Very disturbing it makes my heart tremble, we're raising three sons to know this is going on near your home," says Jones.

If investigators have their way it won't go on any longer. No one has been arrested.

Seized cash will go back to the metro narcotics unit.


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