Fans proud of Tiger's trip to Elite Eight

Tiger fans waited for the team to arrive saying that their loss was a low blow, but others are already looking forward to next year.

The afternoon began with high hopes at Brookhaven Pub and Grill.

Tigers fans were convinced their second seeded team would hush all the nay-sayers and plow ahead to the Final Four.

The top seeded Buckeyes were the Tigers' toughest contenders in the conference.

And throughout most of the game, the teams were neck and neck, taking Tigers fans to extreme highs.

There were desperate lows as the Buckeyes eventually grabbed the lead and won the game.

"They still had a great showing. I mean they got this far to the Elite Eight," says Tiger fan Monica Baker.

Even though the Tigers didn't win, Tigers fans say they won't be moved.

"I love them anyway 'cause they tried their hardest and they did their best this year. I love 'em and I'll be out there when they get home tonight," says Tiger fan Katina Garrand.

Many fans are proud that their team had such a great showing coming from a Conference USA instead of a power conference.

And they won't let one game come between them and their Tigers.

"Well, we'll just try harder next year then," says Tiger fan Trey Spangenberger.

Tigers fans say they can't wait to see what heights this team will be capable of reaching after another year of hard work.

Fans say they'll make their way to the airport to give them a proper homecoming and let them know there's no love lost.

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