Saints gather for Bishop visitation

Thousands of saints came to Mason Temple to pay their last respects to their church leader, Bishop G.E. Patterson.

But the mood wasn't mournful.

As a steady stream of saints filed by their leader for the last time, gospel music and taped sermons of Bishop Patterson played in the background.

Outside saints remembered him as they waited in line.

"I love the man of god he just very powerful," said Val Perkins.

"I really think he was an apposole of god he know the word and made it plain even a child could understand his preaching," said Melvin Richardson.

Even through their tears the saints say this is a joyous occasion.

"It's a celebration because he's gone home to be with the lord no more troubles here now and we can think god he lived his life and he did what god wanted him to do," said Melinda Scott Boman.

But even though they are celebrating his home-going, saints say they will miss their leader, a man who they say practiced what he preached and was always down to earth.


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