Break-ins plague Mud Island cars

Action News 5 was there Friday moments after thieves broke into an SUV in a parking lot on Mud Island.  The passenger's side window was smashed and a lady's purse grabbed.  She told us she had only been walking for about 10 or 15 minutes.

"Well, you see a lot of glass on the parking lot sometimes," says Alan Smith.

Smith says he comes here to walk nearly everyday and used to think it was safe.

"It scares me to leave my vehicle here at times," says Smith.

According to Memphis Police, thieves have hit more than a dozen cars in this parking lot since the first of March.  On one day alone, three vehicles were hit.  It's happened to Bill Chapman's friend and fellow construction worker more than once.

"Last Monday or Tuesday, it was the second time he's had his radio taken," says Chapman.

One thing police say not to do is leave stuff in plain sight.

"I've ran into a lot of women down here who'd left their purses in sight--when they come back, their windows are busted out," says Smith.

"I try not to really have anything in the automobile," says walker Eunice Waller.

That's something to keep in mind because getting your vehicle vandalized is definitely not "a walk in the park."

Memphis Police actually caught a pair of suspected thieves in the act last Thursday.  Obviously, they are not responsible for every crime.