Winkler custody decision on hold until after murder trial

The judge in the Winkler custody case will not make a decision until after the murder trial.

Their trial doesn't begin until next week, but Mary Winkler's dream team, criminal attorneys Steve Farese and Leslie Ballin, wanted to observe this custody hearing. But they weren't talking about either case.

"I apologize, I cannot say anything," Ballin told us. "I can't comment on it," added Farese.

Accused husband killer Winkler is fighting to see her three kids. They have lived with preacher Mathew Winkler's parents since the murder. Sources tell Action News 5 the family does not want Mary to visit the children because the case has gotten so much publicity. Mary herself could not be in Jackson because of pre-trial rules, but her father and two sisters did show up.

"Can you tell us anything about what you're expecting?" asked Reporter Jason Miles.

Because of a gag order, they could not talk. But dozens of people who had to wait outside the courthouse because of this high-profile case were talking.

"Well, I wish they had scheduled it for a different time maybe--so we wouldn't have to stand out in the air," said Mattie Burney.

Others say they relate to the current custody fight.

"I'm just praying for both sides of the family--basically, that's all we can do," said Goldie M. Ross.

They're watching and waiting until the results of Winkler's murder trial.

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