Judge in John Ford case examines accuracy of evidence

We've shown you some of the FBI tapes the state is using against John Ford.

On Wednesday, Ford's attorneys went back and forth over accuracy and use of multiple angles.

Prosecutors say after receiving $10,000 in cash on tape, John Ford is talking how his deal with the FBI's made up company E-Cycle is going to work.

Prosecutors have more than a thousand hours of hidden audio and video recordings.

In Federal Court, John Ford's Defense Attorney Michael Scholl was hoping to throw out some of different angles of the video recordings.

He also wanted some audio recordings thrown out due to questions of accuracy.

The judge is allowing different angles but did remove some audio transcripts.

Jurors are going to see and hear cash payments made to John Ford, hear him brag about getting deals done and the payments received from other companies.

Also on the recordings, Ford brags about his influence with other family members in political power.

John Ford left the federal courthouse in a hurry without making any comments to the press.

Plenty of witnesses are expected to be coming and going through the federal building during this trial which is expected to last about a month.

But what may be the pivotal evidence in this trial will be the candid comments and conversations of former Senator John Ford.

Jury selection is expected to begin Monday sitting a jury of 12 with four alternates.

John Ford's corruption trial is expected to last about four weeks.

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