New report details developments in MLGW political power struggle

There are new developments in the MLGW Political Power struggle.

Action News 5 has obtained a 15-page rebuttal to the report commissioned by City Councilman Tom Marshall.

We've made several attempts to get a response from the author of the report, Joseph Lee's attorney Robert Spence.

We've heard no response from him.

But the people he names in this report have a lot to say.

It's called the "Examination of The Marshall Report" and it's a response to a report commissioned by City Council Chairman Tom Marshall.

The author is Robert Spence, attorney to utility President Joseph Lee.

"The media spin coming from Memphis Light Gas and Water has been truly mind boggling and now we're seeing it in another dimension with Mr. Lee's Attorney," says City Council Chairman, Tom Marshall.

The original report accused Lee of giving preferential treatment to City Councilman Edmund Ford allowing his power to stay on despite a $16,000 utility bill.

Several pages of Spence's response compares Ford's situation to a bill dispute involving former Commercial Appeal Editor, Angus McEachran.

McEachran was out of town, but spoke with us by phone.

"To be compared with Ford in this situation I think is ludicrous," says McEachran.

McEachran says the big difference between his and Ford's case is he had a meter malfunction.

"MLG&W admitted that my bills were wrong, that the meter was wrong," adds McEachran.

He admits he wrote a letter to then utility President Herman Morris to clear up the issue, but says he never used his influence to help his situation.

McEachran adds, "I wrote as a citizen on private stationery."

The report repeatedly points to Morris' administration for designing the VIP list of people to notify in case of cut-off.

Marshall adds, "the truth is that under Herman Morris, council members utilities were cut off numerous times. Under Joseph Lee, they were not."

McEachran says he's still paying off his bill.

Ford is paid in full.

Marshall says the bottom line is there should be a standard set of procedures to handle delinquent bills across the board.

The city council has given Lee until Tuesday to agree to answer questions by Marshall's attorneys.

Those attorneys compiled the original report.

On Tuesday, council members will be prepared to vote on whether or not to accept Lee's resignation.

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