Police nab U of M stabbing suspects

Two people are in police custody accused of stabbing a U of M student on campus and taking off with her purse.

Police are crediting teamwork with helping crack this case. A Memphis man and a woman are in jail facing a variety of charges.

Memphis police released pictures of Zachariah Judge and Valerie Jones as the suspects responsible for the recent knife attack and robbery on the U of M campus.

"I think it sends a very strong message to the suspects in that if you commit a crime in the city you are going to get caught," says Dir. Larry Godwin with Memphis Police Department.

The suspects were caught  after Judge ran up behind a student walking from the library Monday night, stabbed her and then ran off with her purse.

School security officials say the big break in the case came when the suspects showed up at several convenience stores with credit cards taken in the attack.

Their pictures were picked up by surveillance cameras at the stores and University officials say cameras on campus also picked up the suspects.

"What we've done on campus with almost 300 video cameras now ah were really instrumental with helping us match up footage on campus with the footage that was out there available available from convenience stores," says Bruce Harber with U of M Campus Security.

Police say Judge and Jones confessed to the crime during questioning.

Investigators say Judge and Jones were not students and were on campus last Monday looking for someone to rob.

Officers will now try to determine if the suspects have robbed anyone else at the school.

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