Witnesses and neighbors react to fire that killed four

Fire officials say it was the worst fire since three Memphis children died back in 1998. And in addition to four deaths, a number of fire victims are trying to deal with injuries and with being burned out of their homes.

With everything they could salvage stuffed in the back of their car, Albert Huff and his roommate Houston Buckley left their burned out apartment to go get help from the Red Cross.

"It was something that couldn't have been helped cause the fire went so fast," said Buckley.

Buckley says he knew the man who died in the fire. And as flames engulfed the building - Buckley watched - unable to do anything help his neighbor escape.

"We saw him. I saw him in the window but couldn't nobody get to him, fire was just that bad," he said.

Neighbor Toni Williams watched the blaze from her apartment nearby. She said an adult woman ran out of the burning building and tried to alert others. "When I spoke to her she was telling me that her nephew was still in the apartment was she was pointing to the ground where had laid three other bodies."

Neighbors say all of the people who died in the fire lived in the same apartment.

We are still working to get more information about the people who died or were injured in the fire here.

If you would like to help, you can contact the Red Cross at 901-726-1690.  Be sure to let them know where you want your monetary donation to go.


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