Winkler jury still not complete; court releases witness list

Mary Winkler approaching courtroom for day two of jury selection
Mary Winkler approaching courtroom for day two of jury selection

Lawyers drilled potential jurors in day two of jury selection in the trial of the Mid-South preacher's wife, accused of killing her husband.

No one thought it would be easy to select a jury in Mary Winkler's murder trial.

That is definitely turning out to be the case.

Attorneys have spent two days questioning potential jurors trying to get the large pool of more than 150 down to a more manageable size.

It means no jurors have been chosen at this point.

Mary Winkler, surrounded by her team of attorneys and investigators, arrived at the McNairy County courthouse in Selmer for the second day of jury selection. Winkler has not spoken to the media since police say she shot her preacher husband Matthew a year ago.

"She has been instructed not to talk."

Attorneys questioned potential jurors for the entire day.  Defense questions make it clear abuse will be part of Winkler's defense.  Winkler's attorneys also asked jurors if they realize a gun can go off accidentally, giving another hint of another defense strategy.

Prosecutors appear concerned about the enormous amount of publicity this case has received. They want an impartial jury. Every potential juror has admitted knowing something about the Winkler case.

The court also released a list of subpoenaed witnesses.  Defense attorneys have a longer list than prosecutors. It is not a complete list even though it has almost 60 names on it.

They will be witnesses Mary Winkler's jury will hear from.

"It's going well.  It's moving along. We very well may get a jury today," said Farese.

Steve Farese may be confident a jury will be chosen today, but the judge just told a group of potential jurors to return tomorrow.

The judge did speed things up late this afternoon, by interviewing larger groups of potential jurors.

Sources tell us Mary Winkler will testify. Her father is also a possible witness and the family of Matthew Winkler will also be called to testify.

The Winkler family doctor is on the list for the defense and prosecution. There are TBI agents, the McNairy County sheriff, psychologists and psychiatrists and the Correas, the couple in McMinnville who used their cell phone to snap pictures of Mary Winkler at a bar in December smoking a cigarette with a beer in front of her.

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