Selmer residents say Winkler trial getting too much attention

There are those, including members of Matthew Winkler's Fourth Street Church of Christ, who believe his murder and now Mary Winkler's trial are getting more attention than they deserve.

"I don't know how it managed to get on all the networks and it's all over the country now," says one resident.

After all, other woman have been accused of murder without being under such a big spotlight.

But rarely are they the wife of a preacher of a conservative church in a small Southern town.

"Religious issues get a lot more attention these days, it seems like," says another resident.

The thought is that because the murder involves religion and especially when a preacher is the victim and the wife accused, that many groups including the media jumped on the story.

"I think Satan sometimes makes us do things to exploit certain situations and sometimes media would be that tool because media gets out to more people," says Selmer resident Derek Bodiford.

It has been pointed out that when the murder is referred to, rarely is the word preacher left out of the first sentence and that may say a lot," says.

Then there's the flip side, those who say any situation that has a strange slant to it, something salacious, is fair game and will be played up.

"It's just an unfortunate things that happened and it could have been anybody," says Bodiford.

But it wasn't and that may be why you're hearing about it now.

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