Ford seen on video clip: "Send me a little money"

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - The jury in the John Ford public corruption trial today was shown additional video and heard more audio recordings which prosecutors say relate to Ford accepting bribes.

An October 15th, 2004, video clip showed an undercover agent going by the name L.C. McNiel counting what prosecutors say were 100-dollar bills, counting to 50. Ford is seen pocketing them.

Before the money is counted, the undercover agent and Ford are seen going over a proposed bill that would benefit the company line by line and Ford changing the wording at McNiel's prompting.

In a later telephone conversation recording, the agent asks Ford if there's anything he needs and Ford is heard to say, "Yeah. Send me a little money."

Federal prosecutors accuse Ford of taking 55-thousand dollars in bribes from a phony company that wanted favorable legislation to get a computer recycling contract from the state.

The defense claims Ford was a consultant and thought the money was payment of his fee for advising a legitimate business about dealing with state government.

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