Winkler trial puts strain on McNairy County resources

Mary Winkler's trial has put a strain on the resources of McNairy County.From the overtime employees are putting in, to the myriad of costs associated with the case.


Sue Allison works for the Tennessee Judiciary and is in Selmer helping county workers with all the specifics such as dealing with paperwork, coordinating attorneys and witnesses and working with the large media contingent.

"There is some costs involved but that's how the system works. It's part of the cost of being a citizen," says Allison. "The media is the conduit to let the public know what's going on. There is great public interest in this case as you well know."

The costs of the Winkler trial grow everyday.

There's the overtime for deputies that are not only working extra hours in court but also protecting the jury at their hotel.

There are sixteen jurors, each needing a hotel room because they're sequestered.

The hotel they're staying at charges $69 a night.

If they need their rooms for ten nights, which is quite possible, that comes to more than $11,000.

That's a lot for a county with less than 25,000 residents and a low tax base.

County officials aren't saying how much this is costing them or how it will affect their bottom line but that they did plan for it the best they could.

There is some good news for the county, the salary of the judge and several other people are being paid for by the state of Tennessee.

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