YOUR TURN: E.L. Connor wants judge in Wright case to justify decision

This edition of "Your Turn" goes to E.L. Connor.

Connor is one of dozens of people who wrote us to say they are outraged about the plea bargain deal which Dale Mardis received in the Mickey Wright murder case.

Here is Connor's reaction to the plea bargain:

I am afraid to think of the possibility of how many other dangerous criminals this judge has allowed to roam the streets of our city. It's no wonder Memphis is the murder capital of the U.S. when a man can commit this kind of heinous crime and get off in fifteen years. I would like to hear how this judge could justify his actions. I wonder if this judge would welcome this man as his neighbor when he gets out of prison. Reality -- he will be someone's neighbor.

Since the issue of race is squarely on the table here, Connor and several of the other letter writers mentioned in their letters that they were white.

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