McNairy Co. Deputies beef up security for Winkler trial

Mary Winkler has walked in the front door of the McNairy county justice center with her attorneys for the entire week. She always left the same way.

After lunch Saturday she arrived at in her attorney's car. That's not so unusual but this time the driver did not park in front. Instead he drove around to the side.

Winkler quickly got out and went inside.

McNairy County Deputies, who have never even spoken to the media, told photographers to move away. It was a real clue something involving security had happened and suddenly security was increased at the justice center.

The court called in state troopers to stand in front of the justice center and outside the court people going into the courtroom had to go through electronic surveillance and the media had to wear ID badges to get inside the courtroom.

State troopers stood in front of the McNairy county justice center. Court spokesperson Sue Allison said the added security came after the court received a phone call from another TN county.

"Apparently he was angry and felt the prosecution's case wasn't being presented with as much gusto as he'd like," says Allison.

Allison said the person was very angr, "I say he feared she might get off. That was the impression I got from the person I talked with"

A source says the caller said they were going to take care of this themselves.

Allison also says they believe investigators know who made the phone call.


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