U of M safety officials warn students against train jumping

A warning from the University of Memphis to its students: stop jumping the trains that cross Southern Avenue.

University police recently sent out a campus wide email after several complaints about students jumping over, and even crawling under railroad cars as trains are briefly stopped on the tracks next to the university.

Students are often trapped by trains while trying to make it to class.

No one has been hurt, but police say the train jumping practice is extremely dangerous, because the train can move suddenly and unexpectedly.

It is also considered trespassing on railroad property.

Now the university is examining solutions.

"What that solution will end up being? Some type of crosswalk or system of crosswalks that we are trying to do something. We know that there's a safety concern there that's why we put the message out but we're also trying to do something from a longterm standpoint to remedy the situation," says U of M Director of Public Safety Bruce Harber.

In 2006, Tennessee ranked 11th in the country for train trespass fatalities.