Deadline for filing taxes draws near

The deadline to file your taxes is Tuesday.

That's because the 15th fell on a Sunday, and the 16th is a holiday in some states.

And even though you have two extra days this year, tax time can leave many people stressed out.

Dr. Charles Raison with the Emory School of Medicine says some people rise to the challenge of meeting a deadline, while others fall apart.

He says just the thought of meeting the tax deadline can send some people into a panic.

"Something like Tax Day is a threat to some people and appears to be overwhelming and swamps them and, for other people, you know, for whatever reason, it's perceived as a challenge and can actually cause positive emotions," says Raison.

Raison recommends setting time aside every year to work on your taxes.

Another way to take the stress off is by allowing someone else do your taxes.

Also, if you need more time you can ask for an extension. The IRS will give you until October to finish up.

As long as your return is postmarked by the April 17th deadline it will be considered on time.

Several Mid-South post offices will be keeping later hours Tuesday night, for all you procrastinators.