Ford attorney plays hours of tape to show most meetings not about E-Cycle

For a second straight day, the Defense in the John Ford corruption trial cross examined FBI Agent L.C. McNeil.

Clearly, Attorney Michael Scholl was trying to discredit McNeil's investigative techniques as he played the role of an executive for the FBI's ficticious computer recycling company.

John Ford smiled confidently as he headed to lunch Tuesday, after his attorney spent the morning playing audio recordings where Ford and undercover agent L.C. McNeil spend most of their time talking about women and good times.

In fact, when they do talk business, it's usually about the entertainment industry featuring L.C. McNeil the music man, not L.C. McNeil, the computer recycler.

When they do talk about E-cylce, Ford offers to introduce L.C. McNeil to people at the Congressional Black Caucus, as well as to help wiith the City of Memphis and Shelby County.

But when McNeil asks Ford about talking with his brothers on the city council and county commission, Ford makes it clear they won't go through his brothers to get business, they'll use the proper channels.

All of this going to the defense claim that John Ford thought he was acting as a consultant for E-cycle.  A consultant who also introduced legislation to help out the company.

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