Strong moment in Ford trial as agent is heard "threatening" Ford

One of the charges against John Ford is that he threatened to kill an undercover FBI agent.

That same agent is heard on tape making a similar threat.  It's just part of the evidence played in court Tuesday.

John Ford said nothing at the end of another long day.  But on tape, the former state senator says plenty, as does undercover FBI agent L.C. McNeil.

In one conversation, taped while on a trip with Ford in Miami, the two talk about unfinished business.

"I'm thinking we gonna do it, uh, this session.  Know what I mean?" said Ford.

"Right, right," responds McNeil.

"Now, I ain't gonna leave nothing undone and [expletive].  I wouldn't do that.  You would kill me!" says Ford.

"I'm killin' you?"

"I said you would kill me."

"Don't say it like that.  I wouldn't..I wouldn't kill you..kill you.  I'd just be killing you," laughed McNeil.

On the stand, agent McNeil denied he was seriously threatening Ford's life.

But defense attorney Mike Scholl's job is to plant doubt.  He's attempting to do the same when it comes to the reasons Ford pocketed thousands in cash.

It was for consulting work, Scholl has argued.

In new audio evidence, Ford talks about working on behalf of the government's sham company E-Cycle.

"I'll set up a meeting with uh, the right people at City Hall.  You know, we got..we need to see and uh, we go from there.  And then uh, see somebody over there in the County," he said.

Ford's team claims their client was working as a business consultant and thought he was working with businessmen, not undercover agents looking to lure and then catch a big fish.

Cross-examination of agent McNeil continues tomorrow.

The trial won't end anytime soon, just before recess, the prosecutor said he had SIX more witnesses to call.


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