Trial watchers weigh in on Mary Winkler testimony

Trial watchers tell say the four hours Winkler sat on the stand will play the most pivotal role in the outcome of her trail.

Through tears and timid testimony, Mary Winkler shared some of the most intimate details of her marriage with her late husband, Matthew.

"He just screamed and hollered," said Winkler.

Defense attorney Mark Mesler and Prosecutor Larry Parrish reviewed the testimony in her murder defense and gave their perspectives on how she did on the stand.

"She came across with the appropriate amount of sincerity, the appropriate amount of respect for what happened and for the most part seemed shell shocked through quite a bit of her testimony," says Mesler.

Parrish adds, "it was sort of, 'This is why I shot him,' and nothing that she said about 'Why I shot him,' excuses shooting him."

The attorneys had differing views on the decision to show the shoes and wig Winkler claims her husband made her wear during sex.

"What the defense is trying to portray is that she couldn't have possibly been thinking clearly. Look at what she had to live with and look at what her life consisted of," says Mesler.

"She may have undercut her credibility by showmanship," adds Parrish.

They both agreed it was in Winkler's best interest to take the stand, but the bottom line will be how the jury of 12 women and four men interprets the testimony.

"Women, I think, will certainly sympathize with her situation," explains Mesler.

Parrish says, "I've seen many jurors sympathize with the defendant and weep over the necessity to vote for guilty."

Both attorneys say Winkler's fate hinges on the words she spoke in court.

Both attorneys say women on the jury could identify with Winkler's testimony she was in an abusive relationship, but jurors usually follow instructions to vote on the law and not emotion.

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