FBI informant: Ford boasted of pistols in desk, threatened him

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - An F-B-I informant who accuses a former state senator of threatening to shoot him testified today that the lawmaker boasted about keeping two pistols in his desk.

Tim Willis testified yesterday that former Senator John Ford told him he'd "shoot him dead."

Willis continued his testimony today and said Ford bragged of keeping firearms in his Memphis office in case anyone tried to attack him.

An F-B-I agent also testified that two handguns, one of which was loaded, were found on the day of his arrest in May 2005.

Willis said he took the threat seriously and from then on, met with Ford only when an undercover agent was nearby.

Ford is accused of taking 55--thousand dollars in bribes from a fake F-B-I company called E-Cycle Management that supposedly wanted to change state law for a business advantage over competitors. (

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