Ford attorney argues witness was willing to take bribe

Many of John Ford's supporters share his opinion about the government's case.

"Everybody up their on the side of the FBI were blatant liars. They admit they lie, lie, lie," says supporter Vera Redwing Lewis.

FBI informant Tim Willis is an admitted liar. He got in bed with the feds to get out of trouble for lying to a grand jury. Who's to say he wouldn't lie again?

That's what defense attorney Mike Scholl planted in the minds of the jury late Thursday. He quizzed Tim Willis about a meeting he supposedly had after John Ford and others were indicted in May of 2005.

Scholl asked if Willis went to Wendell's Restaurant on South Main and talked to owner Wendell Price about the case and the amount of money it would take for him not to show up in court. Scholl suggested Willis actually wrote a dollar figure on a napkin for Price, indicating how much it would cost for him to disappear.

Willis emphatically denied the meeting took place.

In other testimony, Willis's fear of John Ford was somewhat supported. While FBI agent Kristi Chatham was on the stand, photos of John Ford's office were shown. Discovered on the day a search warrant was executed in Ford's downtown office was a loaded .357 Magnum.

Chatham testified that another unloaded handgun was found on a shelf. Ford's attorney got the FBI agent to admit they did not go to Ford's office looking for a weapon. In fact, they failed to find one big thing they were looking for: a Rolex watch.

Ford wouldn't answer questions after court.

He only said goodbye before his daughter whisked him away.

The government is expected to call at least four witnesses Friday.

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