Winkler could walk away with no jail time

The verdict is in but Mary Winkler won't learn her fate for a few more weeks.

The verdict came down Thursday and Mary Winkler was convicted of voluntary manslaughter for shooting her preacher husband, Matthew, which means Winkler is looking at a maximum of six years in prison.

But Winkler could walk away without serving any added jail time. It's all up to Judge Weber McCraw.

Former Shelby County District Attorney, John Pierotti, is a friend of Judge McCraw who will be handling Mary Winkler's sentencing in Selmer May 18th.

Pierotti says it is within the power of the judge to put her on probation.

If Mary Winkler is granted diversion, a form of probation offered to first time offenders, her felony conviction could be cleared from her record.

Pierotti says diversion is rarely granted. In his career, he's only seen a few.

There could still be a few interesting twists in this case. For instance, it's not out of the question that Mary Winkler could get her children back.

Pierotti adds, "I don't see, as I understand it she has a job at the drycleaners. With a job like that I imagine she can barely take care of herself, much less those little kids but it's always possible."

Pierotti says whatever Judge McCraw decides, he's confident it will be a fair decision, "he's going to think about it a long time whatever he decides to do and he'll do what he believes is the right thing, not only for Mary Winkler, but for her family and society in general."

Winkler is staying with a friend in McMinnville, Tennessee awaiting her May 18th sentencing.

Winkler is also named in a $2 million wrongful death lawsuit filed by Matthew's parents on behalf of the couple's three daughters.

And Mary Winkler is waiting for a Judge in Jackson, Tennessee, to decide whether she can see her girls.


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