Police have lead on weapons thief

Some of the high-powered guns, stolen from an out-of-state SWAT team, are off the streets tonight.

Tonight, investigators are looking for the rest of those stolen guns and they've identified a man they want to question.

Memphis police investigators say they are very close to arresting the man they believe is responsible for the theft of eight law enforcement weapons including fully automatic assault rifles. Police are on an all out search for the suspect.

Memphis police undercover officers combed some apartments on North Seventh looking for the people who stole eight weapons on Monday from a car driven by a North Carolina SWAT team that made a stop in Memphis to eat before heading to Little Rock.

On Tuesday, officers recovered one of the assault rifles at an apartment on North Seventh. Someone at the apartment tipped off police the weapon was at her apartment.

"The weapon we recovered had been sold to someone and that person we are currently talking to him now and that weapon is the weapon that was discovered in the thousand block of North Seventh," said Memphis Police Lieut. Jeff Clark.

Seven weapons are still not recovered. Two of theam are assault rifles.

Investigators say the assault rifles are fully automatic and they're not easy for criminals to come by.

Police say the assault rifles can shoot through a wall.

Investigators are looking for Clent Green. Right now, they are calling him a person of interest. He has an extensive record including auto theft and other charges, for which he has eight outstanding arrest warrants.

Police say he is to be considered armed and very dangerous.

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