Witness in Ford trial, Mina Knox, no stranger to scandal

Mina Knox was one of only three witnesses to testify on behalf of former state senator John Ford. Knox is a young woman who considers herself Ford's girlfriend.

Knox was in the spotlight at federal court Tuesday. She was a witness for the defense in the corruption trial of former State Senator John Ford.

The 26-year-old Knox described her dealings with the 65-year-old former state sentor as a personal dating relationship.

But prior to this week, Knox had already developed a lengthy public profile.

Knox would have been in her early 20's in 2001 when she auditioned to become an XFL Cheerleader for the Memphis Maniax.

In March of 2001, Knox was at the center of a scandal when a local online magazine published an article accusing Knox of pocketing the proceeds of a fundraising calendar that was supposed to benefit children with AIDS.

In the fall of that same year, Knox founded the company 9488 Promotions, an agency featuring beautiful women available for modeling, event hosting and distributing promotional materials.

Knox said she met Ford in Miami in 2004 on board a yacht that was actually owned by the FBI. And while her testimony made front page headlines this week, Knox is no stranger to the spotlight or a scandal.

At the time of the calendar charity scandal Knox was linked to a man by the name of Aundreas Williams.

Williams was cast in the movie informant Tim Willis made while working for the FBI. He played a character named Nino in Street Life.


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