U of M student groped on campus by registered sex offender

Tilden Bennett's a registered sex offender. He doesn't go to the U of M, but a music student says he touched her inappropriately inside a building on campus. Tonight, he's still out on the streets.

The University of Memphis student now lives in fear. She says it all began when Tilden Bennett walked into her practice room inside the music building last month.

We distorted the victim's voice and hid her face to protect her identity.

"He seemed to me like slightly autistic and I have some autistic friends and they, you know, they do need friends," says the victim.

She says he repeatedly showed up during practice. He'd close the door against her will and touch her.

"In inappropriate places and like pull my face towards his like really hard and try to kiss me," she adds.

It happened for three weeks. But last Wednesday was the last straw when she had a guard call campus police.

Bennett was arrested for trespassing because the victim was afraid to press charges.

"I'm in such a bad financial situation I don't think I can afford the cost of the court," adds the victim.

"You can understand why someone might be reluctant to, but then again, the police can only do so much, the University can only do so much if the individual does not take some level of responsibility for their own safety, their own well-being," says Kurth Gunther with the Unversity of Memphis.

The Tennessee Sex Offender registry shows Bennett has a past. He has a 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct offense in Oregon.

The TBI didn't have details on what he did. But now, he's out of jail because no formal charges were filed.

The District Attorney Gerneral's Office prosecutes criminal cases at no cost, but only if the a complaint is filed.

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