District 29 voters react to verdict

The menu at one Friday night cookout in Senate District 29: fried fish and barbequed chicken. The hot topic of conversation: John Ford.

"You know, if a man do wrong he should be punished," says Vandrian Cooper.

Cooper has lived in John Ford's old senate district all of his life and says he has a lot of respect for the Ford family.

"To me, they fair, do a lot for the neighborhood," says Cooper.

But in this case, he says Ford was serving himself when it took all that money. And like the chickens, Ford's defense that he was a consultant no longer flies.

"You gone say that to save your butt--but the truth is the truth--you took the money and that's bribery and that's against the law," says Cooper.

Others say the government is guilty for setting up Ford.

"They wanted the Fords," says John Harmon. "They targeted the Fords. I don't think that's right either," he adds.

But we've all seen the video of Ford stuffing his pockets. Many believe the evidence speaks for itself.

"If the jury looked at the facts as presented by the prosecution they had no choice in my opinion other than to convict," says voter Janet Lane.

"I think it was definitely the wrong thing to do and a judgment on his moral character and we definitely don't want those kind of people in our legislature," says Meg Brodman.

Back at the barbeque, some say they'd vote for John Ford again if his name ever appears on another ballot.


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