Police on the look-out for shooting suspect

A man is on the run after a shooting at the Pepper Tree Apartments that left the victim in extremely critical condition. Police don't know where the shooter is. He could still be in the apartment complex.

Police crime scene tape surrounds the spot where investigators say a man gunned down another man in the parking lot of the Pepper Tree Apartments.

Charles Lewis, who saw it happen, says two men were fighting over money.

"I heard him say you got me messed up about my money man. The guy pushed him and tried to turn around and he shot him in the back five times," says Lewis.

Lewis says the victim ran back toward the apartments but collapsed.

"Our preliminary investigation shows this is an ongoing dispute with another male right now evwrything we have is sketchy. We're trying to develop a suspect at this time," says Major Ray Hopkins with the Memphis Police Department.

Investigators say neither man lives at the apartment complex but they visit a lot.

People who live in the The Pepper Tree Apartments have seen a lot of violence here. So much the D.A. declared the complex a nuisance.

That nuisance was lifted after managment took several steps to increase security.

Residents say there is better lighting, there is a chain link fence around the entire complex, and there are security gates. You can't just drive into the complex.

Hopkins says he has noticed the changes. He worked this area in 1998.

Hopkins adds, "it used to be very dark here but they still have the same age old problem outside males coming in creating problems for the residents . I don't know if that will go away."

Police say the victim is in very critical condition at the MED.

He was shot multiple times. And the shooter is still on the loose.

Some residents say they fear he may be in one of the apartments.

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