Mayor Herenton says his office "runs a clean government"

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton wouldn't talk specifics about the outcome of the Ford trial but he did talk ethics- simply following the law- that he says kept City Hall out of the Tennessee Waltz sting, despite the FBI's attempts to the contrary.

Transcripts and recorded phone conversations played during John Ford's Tennessee Waltz trial revealed a major effort on the part of the FBI to penetrate City Hall, specifically the Mayor's office.

Undercover agent L.C. McNiel repeatedly asked Ford and informant Tim Willis to get the city to contract with E-Cycle, the FBI's fake computer recycling company.

Ford told McNiel, Mayor Herenton approved all city contracts and that he could deliver, but it never happened.

"We do not participate in public corruption. We run a clean government," says Mayor Herenton.

Mayor Herenton says the FBI's failed attempts to lure anyone at City Hall is evidence his employees are living up to the high ethical standard he expects.

The mayor adds, "no man is above the rule of law. There are some rules, you gotta operate in those rules, if you operate outside those rules you can get yourself in trouble. Just play by the rules, that's all it's real simple."

Mayor Herenton says he's ready for the focus on public corruption to shift to more positive happenings in the city, like the multi-million dollar hotel and condo development, which, by the way, the Mayor says he won't be moving into.

'If I'm able to buy one of those units, they'll be investigating me," says the mayor."

The mayor clearly not looking to give the Feds any reason to investigate.


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