Many factors at play in John Ford sentence

John Ford will be back in Federal Court in two months for sentencing on his bribery conviction. He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Right now, few people are talking publicly about Ford's possible sentence, but behind the scenes, some experts with knowledge of federal sentencing tell me the judge has several things to take under consideration.

That will start with acceptance of responsibility. By going to trial, pleading not guilty and then being found guilty by a jury, that could be considered not taking responsibility for the crime and that could negatively affect sentencing.

Also, the amount of money involved in the bribe will be at issue. Prosecutors said Ford took $55,000 in cash in exchange for pushing through legislation for the FBI's phony E-Cycle management company.

There are sentencing guidelines that the judge can follow too. But, they are advisory not mandatory, meaning the judge has a fair amount of latitude in coming up with a sentence.

So far, the maximum sentence any other Tennessee Waltz defendant has received is five years. That was for former state senator Roscoe Dixon.