EXCLUSIVE: John Ford juror talks to Action News 5

One of the jurors that convicted former State Senator John Ford of bribery is talking only to Action News 5.

We are protecting the juror's face and image because she's concerned about revealing her identity. We will, for the sake of this story, call her Jane.

For the first time, we get an inside look into the jury and what happened in deliberations.

The jury agreed to not talk with the press about what happened but one juror has changed her mind because she feels the public has a right to know.

Jane says she's unhappy the jury could not reach a verdict on the extortion charge. She says the jury decided the bribery and witness intimidation counts pretty quickly.

"That only took us a few hours. There was several tapes between L.C. Mcneil and Mr. Ford and the meetings and and of course the payoffs," said Jane.

But it was the first count of extortion that took up the majority of time- more than two days of deliberations when they first took the vote.

"We didn't come to a decision. I would have liked a decision."

She said there was a 10-2 vote. Ten guilty and two jurors not guilty. The two refused to budge and it led to a mistrial of the first count.

"To me what was shown as far as evidence was not acted upon," Jane explained. "I just wanted everybody to agree for it to be a unanimous decision by all of us."

When asked what she thought of Ford, Jane said, " he loved wine, women and high times."

Meanwhile, Ford has several court dates in the coming months.

Thursday, Ford must report in Nashville. There, he faces six felony counts accusing him of concealing $800,000 in kickbacks from state contractors.

Ford is scheduled for sentencing in his bribery conviction July 31st.  He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison for that charge.

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