Ratepayers react to Lee's lawyer fees

Many MLGW customers are not happy about reports that the utility paid more than $60k to an attorney to represent President Joseph Lee before a federal grand jury.

Outside the downtown MLGW bill payment center, customers complained about their bills and the report that MLGW CEO Joseph Lee is billing the utility company for his outside attorney fees.

"Its disappointing. I know that cause right now I am un-employed and I am trying to get down a $600 light bill - you know its just unfair it shouldn't have anything to do with us," ratepayer Sharron Hall.

"That's why they are charging everybody so dam high," said Jacquiline Yancy.

Customers we talked to say Joseph Lee is entitled to the best defense, but just not on their dime.

"They are not fend to pay for me if I'm in trouble," said one.

"Well I think that for a leader in the city, it kind of makes the city look bad. You know, because what they do trickles down to the people who live there," added ratepayer Carson Everett.

"Woo, ain't that ridiculous?... We shouldn't be paying that," said another.

Several customers we talked to say they would like for Joseph Lee to give the outside attorney fees back to the utility.


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